At REI Litics, we're a team of real estate professionals who developed this platform to help real estate investors with market research. Armed with data and valuable insights, we've brought everything together in one place, so you don't have to spend time jumping back and forth from platform to platform and website to website.

We wanted a tool that would give investors a bird's eye view of the top metro areas in the US.

“Location, location, location” is a common mantra in real estate. And it's good advice—except for one thing: Most people have no idea how to pick the right location for their investment goals, or how to find good investment opportunities in a different state from where they live. We've consolidated all the data to help you with the process.

We believe you can never have enough data, but it must be understandable.

We believe that effective real estate investing requires multiple sources of useful data. Our excitement comes from constantly finding great sources of data and bringing them together in a digestible meaningful way to help you on your real estate investment research journey, all on one platform.

We'RE EXCITED to share what we've found.

We have an abundance mindset. There are more than enough investment deals to go around and we believe what goes around, comes around – so that's why we're not afraid to share what we've built. We want everyone young and old, experienced and new to real estate, to feel empowered when it comes to researching locations to invest.

REI Litics is built on feedback.

The REI Litics platform was developed for you, and we're constantly working to make it the best real estate investment research platform out there. We're always open to feedback from our users and will do our best to add the latest and greatest features and tools to our products. This is just the beginning.

Welcome to REI Litics!